Ginger-orange fish with carrot kinpara; sweet potatoes with orange butter

First day, target met! I started at 17h45, and was ready to eat by 18h15. That included all prep, cooking, and washing up the previous day’s dishes. Disclaimer: the dessert was being cooked while I ate, but since it didn’t entail a wait, I count it as a success. Bonus: Only used 1 pan, 1 small saucepan, 1 chopping board, 1 knife and a vegetable peeler – minimising on dishes.

I started out with some yellowtail, on which I sprinkled some flour, then seared (skin side down first, then flipped) in a pan with a bit of olive oil. That then went onto an oven tray, and the pan was wiped down.

While the fish was searing, I quartered baby carrots lengthwise (so they would cook faster). These went into a pan with some sesame oil. When they’d been on for a few minutes and had started to soften, I added some soy sauce and a teaspoon of honey, and dried chilli flakes. After the soy sauce had steamed away, I put these on the oven tray too, and were sprinkled with untoasted sesame seeds.

The tray with the fish and the carrots then went into the oven to continue cooking.

While the carrots were on the go, I made the glaze for the fish – honey, soy sauce, orange juice and some ginger slices and dried chilli flakes were boiled and reduced down. Towards the end, I added 1/2 tsp of butter.

When it was time to eat, I put the fish on the plate and poured some of the glaze onto it. Added the carrots.

Ginger-orange fish with carrot kinpara:


The dessert was sweet potatoes with orange butter. Vegetables for dessert – it works!

Once the fish and carrots were in the oven, I rinsed out the pan and put the sweet potato discs (I had peeled and cut 2 sweet potatoes while the rest was on the go) into the pan, with 1.5 tsp of butter, 1 tsp of honey and orange juice. Stuck a lid on that and let the sweet potatoes steam and the sauce reduce. When it was done, I set aside half for another day (mashed it as I spooned it out) – I will put some sugar on it another day and make a sweet potato mock-brulee. The rest I put into a bowl, then poured the sauce into it.

The 2 bowls that I got out of it:


And the dessert was the sweet potato discs with that delicious orange-butter sauce:


I know my pics aren’t the best, but i didn’t claim to be a photographer 🙂


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